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Polish currency

The official currency in Poland is Polish Zloty (PLN). The (average) exchange rate usually is: 1 US dollar = 2.6-2.8 PLN; 1 euro = 3.9-4.1 PLN. The current exchange rate can be checked for example ..here...

Money exchange

When planning the money exchange, please make sure that the exchange rate is reasonable. The rates differ depending on the place the exchange point is situated. Usually the lowest rate is offerred at the ariports. If you need to exchange money there, do it on a small amout. Money can be easilty exchanged in "Kantor" located in the downtown where a good exchange rate is available.

Polish language

You may take a look at the Polish Phrasebook ..here... If you would like to hear the pronunciation of polish words or phrases you may use Ivona (text to speech software created in Gdynia): just choose Polish language on the left, paste your text and play.


Weather in September is rather unpredictable, and it may change even during your stay here. You may bring both an umbrella and sunglasses, just in case.  The average temperature in the end of September is 11 °C or 52 °F. A weather forecast for our region may be found for example ..here...

The current temperature in Gdynia is

Click for Gdynia, Poland Forecast

Time zone

Poland is in the Central European Time Zone (CET), which is 1 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1). Like most countries in Europe, from April to October each year, the Summer Time is observed in Poland, where the time is shifted forward by 1 hour;  2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).

The current time in Poland is


Voltage and electric power frequency in Poland is 230 V / 50 Hz.

In case of emergency

The common European emergency number is 112. Emergency services are also available using the following numbers:

- Ambulance: 999

- Firebrigade: 998

- Police: 997